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Why Choose Solar Maid For Your Commercial Job?

Solar Maid is a nationwide professional solar panel cleaning & services company. We are committed and focused on your solar assets and keeping them at peak performance.

Solar Maid was the first company in the world to specialize in "Janitorial Solar O&M" and is still by far the largest with continued global expansion plans. Solar Maid not only developed the industry standards for this new service sector, we have also created an industry best safety program.

Solar Maid is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with service offices throughout North America and parts of Europe. Whether you need dust washed from solar panels in California, pollen cleaned in Central Italy or snow removal in Ottawa, Canada, Solar Maid has local, professionally trained operators ready to service your Janitorial O&M requirements.

Solar Maid carries all the proper insurance for liability and workers' comp. And if requested, we can list your company as an additional insured on our liability policy for the duration of the job.


Commercial System Cleaning Options

  1. Low pressure spray cleaning with DI water.
  2. Hand scrub with DI water rinse (with or without chemicals).
  3. Steam cleaning (only provided under specific circumstance).
  4. Enviro-cleaning (low volume water / organic solutions / water containment).

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Solar Maid Corporate Offices
National Accounts: Jay Welsh - 412-403-9540

Solar Maid OC (Orange County)
Local Operator: Jim Schaffer - 657-200-5347
Servicing Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County.

No job is too big or too small!

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Additional Asset and Facility Management Options

  1. Security Services (Video surveillance / Remote Alarm Equipment / Guards)
  2. Landscaping (Grass cutting / Tree trimming / Weed control / Perimeter potting)
  3. Grading Services (Access roads / Build-out sites / Perimeter roads & beds)
  4. Snow Removal (Solar Equipment and Rooftops)
  5. Water Run-off retention equipment design and installation
  6. Grey Water Capture and Storage System Design and Installation
  7. Water Delivery (DI water brought direct to your site)
  8. Hurricane Blanket Installation (blanket purchase required)
  9. Monitoring Services (Available through our third party partners)
  10. Carport and Parking Structure Guttering Systems design and Installation
  11. Technical O&M Services (Testing / Infrared Heat Scans / Inverter Maintenance / Commissioning / Audits / Site Verification / Through 3rd Party Partners)
  12. Complete Facility Management: This option is available to large utility scale customers with plants exceeding 25MW, Solar Maid will develop an onsite management program with Solar Maid personnel to handle the day to day operations including spare parts cataloging and procurement all O&M and security.
  13. Consulting: Providing valuable information for developers and EPC’s for long term budgeting purposes.

About Our Staff

Our staff is trained and certified for use on all the equipment necessary for the job. Safety comes first while ensuring professional cleaning and customer satisfaction. Safety vests, hard hats, harnesses and other appropriate equipment are worn on the jobsite. All of our safety equipment is OSHA certified.


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Serving The Following Counties

  • Orange County
  • LA County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County